The UK Branch of the Association of Former EU Staff

The AIACE-UK website offers:

  • resources of use to all EU pensioners
  • information about recent developments
  • ways of finding help with difficulties.
  •  details of membership and how to apply.
  • an area reserved for members, with additional information, newsletters, resources and discussion forums.

Activities the branch organises both centrally and through its regional groups are published regularly on the site.

All contributions to the site and comments about how to improve it should be made to webmaster Alan Huyton ( and will be received gratefully.


  • The Annual General Meeting took place on Zoom on 18 May.  Our guest speaker was EEAS ambassador to the UK João Vale de Almeida.
  • Check your pension with the 2020-2021 version of Martin Clegg's pension calculator.  The calculator and an explanatory text are available in the Members' Area under the heading "Documentation:  General and Pensions"
  • The March edition of Connect Contact -- the newsletter that AIACE-UK is publishing during the Covid-19 crisis -- is now available with other newsletters in the Members' Area.
  • Instructions for accessing your pension statements and other files using Sysper are set out here
  • "My Remote" -- the interface for accessing online services for EU pensioners -- now has a new look.  A document setting out the new features, giving step-by-step instructions for use and adding phone numbers for help, is  here
  • Members of AIACE-UK are able to download an updated practical guide to what to do in the event of the death of an EU Pensioner from the Members' Area of this website.  The guide is in the section headed "Documentation - General and Pensions".