The AGM elects the 12-strong committee which in turn decides on its chair, deputy chair, secretary and treasurer.   The committee may co-opt other members until the next AGM.  Nominations need to be with the secretary at least one calendar month before the AGM.

We welcome members who are interested in serving on the committee, which meets about four times a year.  We particularly welcome those who have recently retired.  Please contact us at if you would like to discuss further what is involved.

Committee 2020 -2021

The following are committee members:  Martin Clegg, Karen Griffith, David Harley, Nick Heenan, Michael Hocken, Bob Hull, Alan Huyton, Tom Kennedy, Melanie Leivers, Belinda Pyke, Tony Robinson and John Wiggins.

Members also help in the following teams and functions:

  • JSIS 'ambassadors': Michael Hocken, Susie Evershed
  • Pensions 'ambassadors': Martin Clegg, Nick Heenan
  • Connect newsletter - editor Alan Huyton
  • Membership issues - Nick Heenan, Melanie Leivers

Michael Hocken and Martin Clegg are both members of the 'Bureau' (the working committee) of AIACE International, on the invitation of the present Chair of the AIACE International Executive Board.

AIACE UK's members of the AIACE International Executive Board are Richard Hay and Tom Kennedy, with Bob Hull and Michael Hocken as deputies.