Membership and application form

The subscription is £22 per calendar year (if you join after 31 October, we do not charge for the rest of the year).

Please send the completed membership form and standing order form to AIACE-UK (Subs), 32 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3EU.  Please do not simply arrange a standing order with your bank; it is helpful to us to put a unique reference number into the form on its way to the bank, to help us identify your payment.  This number becomes your membership number, which you may need if you decide to apply for insurance cover under the schemes arranged by AIACE which are now managed by CIGNA.

(If you are joining AIACE on or after 31 October in any year, you do not have to pay a subscription for the last months of the year; therefore there is a standing order which provides for the first payment to be made only in the following January.  If this is your situation, please use this standing order form:standing order for end-year )

If you have questions, please phone 07517 320 361 and leave a message or email