Regional Groups

AIACE-UK has groups in regions of the UK as follows:

East Anglia
Northern Ireland
South West
Wales and the Marches

Contact details for group conveners are available on the regional group pages in the members' area of this web site. You may also leave a message on 07517 320 361  or e-mail .

If as a pensioner you have a problem with which AIACE might be able to help, and you would rather contact someone more local to you than the London office, please feel free to direct your question to your local coordinator.  However, you need to know that he or she may refer the matter to others in AIACE-UK.

A primary purpose of the groups is to provide occasions for social contact between members of AIACE.  If you are not yet a member, and would like to have the possibility of taking part in activities in your area, please do join.

Some of the groups cover very large areas – Scotland, the North, East Anglia and the South West.  Major gaps in our coverage at present are the Midlands (some people from the north midlands manage to get to meetings of the North group - if you are interested please let us know).

The groups do not have a rigid geographical border, and members can and do attend events organised by more than one group.

Groups do not follow a centrally determined pattern of activity: each does what its participants wish to do.  One or two groups have quite a full programme of varied activities.  Most have one or two meetings a year – often with a meal, and an update on any recent issues.


AIACE NORTH on 1st May 2024 more info here

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