Members of AIACE UK are first and foremost members of the whole Association of some 12,000 members who live across the EU and beyond.  Most of the subscription members of our Branch pay are sent to the international association.  This handles all general and policy contacts with the EU administrations on behalf of all EU pensioners.  It holds meetings three times a year of an Executive Board of representatives from each Branch of the association (of which AIACE UK is one). There are also some other more technical meetings.  Every three years, it elects a chair, who has a small team who works with him to deal with the issues and prepare them for discussion in the Executive Board or with the administrations.  The chair elected this year is Dominique Deshayes.  The Secretary General is Didier Hespel.

Once a year, AIACE International holds an AGM, and reports to all its members.  This is an event when the formal business meetings are accompanied by a little tourism and some agreeable meals together.


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