AIACE UK Ambassadors on pensions and JSIS

Help for members

Like other AIACE branches, we have nominated 'ambassadors' to help former officials in their dealings with the administration.

Ambassadors are volunteers with great knowledge of either the pension system or the JSIS.  They are available to help former officials who have issues in either area.  The ambassador will be able to ensure that the former official fully understands the rules and procedures to follow. If the ambassador  needs to contact the authorities on behalf of the former official, they will know that because the matter has been examined first by an 'ambassador' the issue has substance and will give a careful hearing to it.

The 'ambassadors' should be contacted in the first instance by e-mail, or by leaving a message on the office phone number: 07517 320 361

Our 'ambassadors' are:

Pensions: Martin Clegg, Pernille Andersen:

JSIS: Michael Hocken, John Claxton, Brian Porro (JSIS/EU Login), Paul Smeulders (Oxford region) :

Survivors: Pernille Andersen:

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