Notes and Documents

This section of the website contains notes for all former EU employees.  Further resources are available within the Members’ Area.

The full text of the EU withdrawal agreement
Some information about the JSIS (more is in the members' area)
Common Reporting Standard
  • This new agreement tries to limit tax avoidance, and is explained in a note here ('Common Reporting Standard').  It provides for exchange of information between countries about bank accounts and the amounts in them, not about income or its source.
Legal advice on issues in Belgium, or about EU staff rules and their application
  • A note is attached about legal help that is available

Changing Horizons: Memories of Britain’s European Pioneers 1973 – a publication prepared by AIACE UK in 2013, i.e. years before the referendum and the UK application to leave the EU.

  • text
  • other contributions which arrived too late for inclusion, or which throw another perspective on this period.

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